If the outdoor position is below the indoor, the refrigerant fluid will flow from the bottom up and the hot refrigerant gas flows from top to bottom. Because the gas tends to float and the liquid settles, this combination of positions slightly slows the refrigerant circulation. But in terms of architecture looks tidier because outdoor units can be hidden. In the meantime, you might want to visit airconservicingsingapore.com/ if you need a good AC repair service.

If the indoor position is parallel to indoor, the refrigerant fluid and hot air will flow horizontally. The distance or length of the refrigerant pipe between the outdoor and indoor units is also relatively short so that the refrigerant circulation is quite smooth. But in terms of the aesthetics of its AC form will resemble an AC window.

If the outdoor is above the indoor, it is clear that this is the opposite of the first position, but more useful because of the liquid and gas flow.

Then the process will run a little better because each liquid and gas flowing according to its nature. Given the floating gas and the liquid that settles, this combination of position facilitates the circulation of the refrigerant. In terms of architecture, hiding the outdoor-unit on the roof is not difficult.