Mobile phones are certainly a part of life that today you can not be replaced. There are many functions of mobile phones that can not be replaced by other tools. So, you should be able to buy mobile phone that you really need and in accordance with your activities every day. So, select the phone that you really need now.

In addition, the phone also would require the existence of other accessories needed by everyone and even can make the phone function runs optimally. Here are some accessories that can make your phone or smartphone get smarter.

1. Wireless Charging or Wireless Charging Receiver
This accessory really suits you less friendly with the cable that is easily tangled and dirty. In addition to saving time, wireless charging is also easier to use.
If your smartphone is not equipped with this feature, do not worry because of now many outstanding accessories wireless charging receiver. This means you can still enjoy the experience of cheating the smartphone wirelessly.

2. Additional lenses
Now many outstanding additional lenses for all types of smartphones. Not only for the rear camera, this tool can also be installed to perform selfie with a wider viewing angle. Surely the results you get with this accessory is better than using a camera built. In addition to easy to install, the price of this accessory is also quite cheap in the market.

3. Virtual reality
Feel the sensation in the other world by using this one accessory. Playing games or watching videos will feel more real and fun if using VR. Now a lot of this outstanding accessory at a fairly cheap price but do not sacrifice the real VR experience.

4. Digital Television Receiver.
This tool serves as an antenna which then receives a television station signal. With this tool, users can enjoy content like watching television at home. Suitable really for you who do not want to miss favorite television programs without having to go back home.