The architects and interior design experts have their own standard of painting. The correct sequence in painting will make the job effective and efficient. Later when you paint do not forget, start painting the top then down. Start from the ceiling. Then paint the wall. In the meantime, you may visit if you want to know more about the trusted professional painters in your region.

Only then on the parts made of wood. When finished all then paint the details.

Order painted room:







That is the correct order in painting the room to get a satisfactory result.

Also, wear protective goggles. Firing the ceiling is the hardest part of painting the house.

Make sure the floor has been given a newspaper or other protector.

Connect the roller handle with aluminum or bamboo stick. If the ceiling is low enough, you can use the stairs.

Furthermore, when you paint the wall is the easiest part. Movement roller up and down. Movement vertically.

We recommend that you prepare the paint that has been mixed with water as wide as the wall. Avoid adding water mixture in the middle of the painting process.

This is to avoid the color difference.