You must have one type of air conditioner in one room in your house. this is because the tool is used to make the air in the room can be more cool and fresh. However, if it is damaged, it would be better if you use the services of the aircon singapore to be handled very well and quickly.

Previously, you should also know what type of air conditioner is usually used
Type air conditioner

 -AC Cassette
AC Cassette attached to the ceiling. Installation of AC Cassette requires special skills and more power than with other ac installations. Type AC Cassette has various sizes ranging from 1.5 PK to 6 PK.

– Split AC
there is a separate air conditioner part which is one indoor unit and one outdoor unit that serves as compressor, expansion valve and condenser. Not like the old one, only evaporator and cooling fan. AC split does not require special slot like AC window, Split AC only requires wall slot surface. Split AC has a capacity of ½ PK to 2.5 PK.