As a woman, it is important to know things that can support everyday appearance. Among the most important supporting things for women and can not be separated from everyday life is accessories for fashion. Among the accessories for fashion that are important for women are female pantyhose, stockings, and leggings. But unfortunately, not many women who know the difference from female pantyhose, stockings and leggings. Most of them assume that female pantyhose, stocking and also leggings are the same, but in fact the three accessories that support the fashion is different. Stocking is usually made of socks. But the length of stocking is longer than socks. The length of stocking is usually knee-deep or it can be higher than that. Stocking also requires a garter belt mounted on the waist that aims to keep stockings from falling or sagging. For the best models of a stocking, let alone to get top choices you can choose on our website.

For the female pantyhose herself, it looks like a pair of pants. And this female pantyhose is a combination of underwear and stockings. So if someone uses pantyhose no need to use panties anymore. Leggings have the same shape as pantyhose, but the materials used to make the leggings are thicker and not transparent. In addition, leggings can be used for everyday activities at home, different things with pantyhose that can only be used as internal only. For pantyhose, materials are usually made of a very thin material and blend with the skin. Examples such as nylon. For the material of leggings made of thicker but still flexible materials such as polyester, lycra, and wool. As for the ladies own stocking material is usually made of a very thin material and impressed sexy as nylon.

Stocking is useful to cover the legs but still gives the impression of a sexy, natural and fashionable. For leggings itself has the benefit of regular pants and suitable for sports such as yoga and other sports. As for the pantyhose itself is usually used as a complement to the clothing to the office and as a depth. How to care for fashion women’s pants is very easy and not complicated. You just wash them by hand. Because the material is made of a very thin material, wash it with care. Most importantly do not combine the storage with other clothes.