Do you go to to avoid the wrong travel firm? As a media campaign, many travels and travel agents are choosing to use the website to offer the variety of products they have. However, sometimes the website is not complete and clear in providing information to customers or readers so that customers or readers were eventually become less interested to use the services of tour and travel agents. The most common problem with travel and travel websites is hiding the original price of their customers or not having the exact calculations that can be presented directly from the products they offer. Customers or tourists tend to prefer it if the website provides detailed information in just one click. So they will not waste too much time, and information can be obtained in detail.

One of the travel agency mistakes is not having the right price. In the beginning, customers already feel very interested in the services that travel agents and travel offer. They already have a passionate desire to book their pilgrim or Umrah package of dreams. Of course, you should avoid this type of travel service provider like this.